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Welcome to Jaiko Japan

Welcome to ONLY MADE IN JAPAN Official homepage, A Dedicated Single Window Company where everyone can buy all products ONLY MADE IN JAPAN

MADE IN JAPAN is a symbol all  over the world for BEST Technology, Quality, Craftsmanship, Dedication, hassle free and tension free products. A country that produces eco-friendly products for sustainable development thus helping save environment and our mother earth.

Under the flagship of JAIKO IMPEX a firm established in year 1991, our motto is to arrange, procure and to export ONLY MADE IN JAPAN products against CUSTOMIZED DEMANDS.

We are Members of the Osaka  Chambers of Commerce & Industry,  Japan.We are Certified by Osaka State Department, to export used products Vide Registration Number 622020173599.



Since Its Founding in 1991, JAIKO JAPAN has acted from a Corporate Philosophy to Trade with commitment, on time, result oriented services. JAIKO JAPAN is committed to deliver unique, sustainable, hassle free & the best ONLY MADE IN JAPAN PRODUCTS.


JAIKO JAPAN focused on those Japanese Manufacturing companies who are Fundamental Theoretical Research oriented for Sustainable, Alternative Technologies That Are Safe for nature & Economical through Improved Performance.


Customer is end users, and JAIKO JAPAN is committed to deliver BEST PRODUCT and to deliver faith in customers that ONLY MADE IN JAPAN products are safe, efficient, result oriented. JAIKO JAPAN strives to identify things from Japan, which improve people's lives.


JAIKO JAPAN Provides Efficient Delivery of Products, in given time frame along with certificate of Country of Origin (If required). From Japan